August 21-23 2020

Salute Your Shorts curates a collection of the best short films from around the world in every genre, showcasing them to a community of artists seeking inspiration and conversation.


Becky Murdoch

Festival Director

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Artistic Director

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Head Programmer

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Emily Bell

From the beginning to the end it was personal and intimate, with abundant opportunities to not only meet people, but to form lasting connections. 

Sherry Berg

The most personable, caring, and professional. This fest is going places, and I"ll surely ride on its coattails.

Kate Alden

Loved this festival! It was fun being in a more intimate setting, got great feedback on our film, hands down would submit and go again!

Ron Morhouse

This is the festival you have been wanting! ... Impeccably curated.  ...The festival feels like a homecoming making you feel like a star!!

Ursula Taherian

So many special touches! This festival clearly loves its filmmakers. Met so many great people that I've continued to stay in touch with. 

Laura Moss

A small festival with such high quality short films; really excellent thoughtful programming.

Monique Sorgen

This festival separates itself from other L.A. festivals by being intimate and having great programming, featuring some of the top films on the festival circuit this year. The screenings take place in a beautiful theater in East Hollywood that feels like a hidden lair.

Ashley Brim

Hands down one of my favorite fests! The team puts so much care into this event. The quality of the films in every program was astounding. They provide great graphics which makes the job of promoting your screening easy.

Leslie Murphy

 Truly loved being a part of this festivall! The coordinators were helpful, gracious, & they added a real personal touch to every detail of the event. I got to see some of the best shorts I've seen at any festival before or since, so the whole experience was a really inspiring one that I would definitely recommend to any other filmmaker.

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Programming Administrator


Programing Team

Jillian corsie

Programming Team

Katherine Tolentino

Programming Team

Natasha Lewin

Programming Team

JURORS from previous #SYSFF  seasons

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